Back in 1965 when I joined Keenspot, they preferred that their comics update at least 3 times a week, and for some reason, each Wendy episode took exactly a week to draw. So I created a smaller, simpler, edgier form of Wendy to post alongside it. In the end, I enjoyed working on it a lot more because (for the most part) I didn't overthink things while working on it... a lesson I should have taken to heart, but instead I keep forgetting & relearning it every five years.
This is abridged. For one thing, a few of the comics were just plain racist. Aside from that, some storylines included author insertion, and as this was pre-transition, it's something I prefer not to share these days.
Maybe someday I'll change my mind. About showing the pre-transition comics, not the racist ones. Fuck those.


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